Common Tasks

Finding all of the children or descendants for a particular name

Search for the name in question e.g. Amphioxi


Extract the NameId from the response

Using an XPath query or something similar.

<NamesSearchResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""> <Query>fullname:amphioxi</Query> <FilterQueries/> <SearchTime>115</SearchTime> <Total>1</Total> <Page>1</Page> <PageSize>10</PageSize> <MatchingTerms/> <FilterFields>...</FilterFields> <Results> <NameSearchResult> <Score>11.98188</Score> <Name> <NameId>aaa04924-2a3f-4d04-b327-3540f091b973</NameId> <Class>Scientific Name</Class> <FullName>Amphioxi</FullName> <FormattedFullName>&lt;em&gt;Amphioxi&lt;/em&gt;</FormattedFullName> <PartialName>Amphioxi</PartialName>

Get the list of children/descendants


This will return a paged list of all of the names that have Amphioxi as their direct parent.

The following url will get a list of all of the names that descend from Amphioxi.