Web Service Documentation

Overview and Getting Started

The NZOR web application programming interface (API) is a publically accessible service that enables applications to use data from the core NZOR repository. The API is designed to be as RESTful as possible so each resource has a unique URI and well known HTTP verbs are used to specify the action to perform on that resource.

The API consists of a set of core methods and a common request format which all use the same base URL.

Base Web Service Url


What is Possible using the API?

The API provides full programmatic read access to the data contained in NZOR. It is designed to encourage integration with the core NZOR data.

The NZOR REST APIs currently provide the following capabilities:

  • List and view details about a name.

  • Search names.

  • List and view details about providers.

  • List and view details about enumerations and the vocabulary used to describe entities within NZOR. 

An important use case is providing a mechanism to synchronise a private repository of taxonomic details with NZOR.


The following diagram highlights the main components of the NZOR Web API.