.NET Client NuGet Package

.NET Client

The NZOR.Web.Service.Client is a light weight readonly .NET client wrapper designed to make access to the NZOR Web API simpler.

It is available as a NuGet package so that it can be easily incorporated into an application.

PM> Install-Package NZOR.Web.Service.Client

Example Usage

Note: In the following examples an API key is not currently required.

Be sure to include the following namespace

using NZOR.Web.Service.Client;

The ServiceClient class is the main class for interacting with the API.

Retrieve a single name record

The following code is a small snippet that demonstrates how to display the result of retrieving a name.

var serviceClient = new ServiceClient("mykey", "http://data.nzor.org.nz"); var name = serviceClient.GetName(new Guid("61ccb72c-d60f-4cc0-a124-863869a2e2f4")); Console.WriteLine(name.FullName);

More details about the structure of a name can be found on the API pages describing the name resource. 

To use the search functionality of the client it is necessary to include the following namespace

The following code shows the basics for querying a name and iterating through the results.

Show the classification hierarchy for a name record

The following code enumerates the classification hierarchy for a name. The name information for each ancestor only includes the basic details for display so it may be necessary to make a separate call for each record using the name Id to obtain more details information.